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Modetempel knitting
Welcome on my homepage, in the knitting world of Modetempel.
All knitting models: pullovers, jackets and accessories are designed and knitted in Berlin personally by me.
My collection is marked with the label Modetempel.

I offer you the newest models produced from my collection from high-quality knitting wool.
Furthermore you can reorder many samples from the archives 2006-2017.

Pullover and jackets are knitted predominantly only on order. You can select your clothing size, colors and quality of the threads
(100% cashmere, 100% wool or wool mixture, 100% alpaca or alpaca mixture).
The weight of the pullovers of 1,7-3,0 kg or jackets/coat 2, 5 –5, 0 kg.

Its possible to order most of sweaters/cardigans from ARCHIV site.
Don't hesitate to ask me information about this ...
new patterns

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