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Dear guests, dear customers,

according to your question of prices, I ask you to mail me always your size, the article number and the colour.

If you buy a sweater, you buy the yarn for the production of the sweater.
It’s the same if you buy yourself the yarn for your individual size.

Please notice, that I need more yarn for the size LARGR/X-LARGE than for a smaller size SMALL/ MEDIUM.
For example, a person with body size 185 cm needs more yarn for the sleeves and the total length.

If I use thick or heavy yarn the weight difference can be 0,4-0,5 kg.

Some yarn or special colours are not available immediately or not deliverable.
That depends of the producers or yarndeliverer.
Some yarns will produced/ delivered just for one season.
But I can offer you other yarns or colours.

It's possible that there will be a small price difference each kg yarn.
All sweaters will make by individual size and depends on the customers wishes.

Please have comprehension, that I can’t show a blanket pricelist.

Because of the great demand for hand knit sweaters in the autumn and winter, it could be possible that it would take 4-8 weeks for your sweater to be completed.
50%-70% orders cannot be fulfilled.

Some of the yarns and special colors are not available immediately, are not longer being produced, or are produced for only one season. Please order your sweaters in the spring and summer so that you can be sure that you will have your sweaters knitted in a timely manner with the desired yarn and colors.

Thank you for your understanding.
Kind regards

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